Adams Golf Speedline F11 Driver

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The distance of Aerodynamics meets forgiveness. A new larger foot print further increases forgiveness while Speedline’s patent-pending aerodynamic shaping along with new Velocity Slot Technology on the crown and sole makes it faster than ever. The result is up to 12 more yards with easy to hit, confidence insprining shaping.Adams Golf started the aerodynamic revolution in golf several years ago with the introduction of the original Speedline driver. The Speedline’s innovative shaping and clubhead refinement gave golfers a driver they could swing faster and thereby generate more distance. The new technology platform gained numerous accolades (including winning the Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal) and vaulted praise from aerodynamicists, engineering labs, and golfers of all abilities and swing speeds.

The Adams Speedline F11 driver takes aerodynamic technology to the next level, with even better aerodynamic qualities and forgiveness than previous iterations. The Speedline F11 is outfitted with Adams’ patent-pending Velocity Slot Technology, which provides a unique shaping that’s visible on the crown and sole of the club. The technology keeps airflow attached throughout the swing, reducing the amount of drag while increasing the speed of the swing. And a higher swing speed translates into a higher ball speed, which in turn results in more distance–up to 12 yards of increased ball flight.

Velocity Slot Technology also creates a larger footprint clubhead, expanding the hitting area so casual golfers can still launch impressive drives on off-center hits. Also outfitted with a lower and deeper center of gravity (CG) than other drivers–creating a higher launch angle and lower spin rate–the Speedline S11 is an ideal choice for golfers of all skill levels.

The Speedline F11 driver features an aerodynamic clubhead that producers higher swing speeds and greater distances.

Speedline F11 Driver Specifications
Loft Lie Length Volume Swing weight Hand Flex
8.5 degrees 58 degrees 45.875 inches 460cc D3 R X, S, R
9.5 degrees 58 degrees 45.875 inches 460cc D3 R, L X, S, R
10.5 degrees 58 degrees 45.875 inches 460cc D3 R, L X, S, R, A
12.5 degrees 58 degrees 45.875 inches 460cc D3 R R, A

About Adams Golf
Founded in 1987, Adams Golf designs, assembles, markets, and distributes premium-quality, technologically innovative golf clubs. The company created a phenomenon within the golf industry in the late 1990s, releasing a low-profile, low-center-of-gravity, upside-down head design called Tight Lie. Through the years, the Tight Lie has received rave reviews and unprecedented loyalty, so much so that hundreds of thousands of golfers worldwide still keep Tight Lies in their bags. Today, Adams Golf leads the industry in hybrid and hybrid iron set technology. All the equipment at Adams Golf is designed and tested using a variety of sophisticated, state-of-the-art tools, such as CAD rendering, advanced mass property analysis, and durability testing. Idea hybrids have proven so popular that they’ve become the leading hybrids on the PGA, Champions, and Nationwide Tours the past few years, and were the number-one hybrid played at all four major championships in 2008. Adams Golf is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

  • Aerodynamic driver with Velocity Slot Technology for longer drives
  • Innovative technology keeps airflow attached to reduce drag during the swing
  • Increases swing speed and ball speed, creating up to 12 yards of additional distance
  • Lower, deeper center of gravity produces higher launch angle and lower spin rate
  • Available in several loft angles; measures 45.875 inches long

Adams Golf Speedline F11 Driver

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