Best of Deathmatch Wrestling Box Set

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We’ve searched the globe for the most INSANE, DEATH DEFYING, UNBELIEVABLE spectacles in pro wrestling and now we bring you the 3 Pack of Pain, 3 unbelievable HARDER THAN HARDCORE DVDs at one low price!

Best of Deathmatch Wrestling 2: American Ultraviolence Volume 2, American Ultraviolence, brings you the MOST HARDCORE wrestlers in the MOST INSANE matches! From 200 LIGHT TUBE matches to ULTRAVIOLENT DEATHMATCHES and from FANS BRING WEAPONS matches to the world famous TOURNAMNET OF DEATH, this is a MUST-HAVE collection for any fan of EXTREME wrestling! PLUS, we have a DOUBLE MAIN EVENT featuring BOTH and EXPLODING BARBED WIRE match and for the first time ever on DVD the legendary CAGE OF DEATH!

Best of Deathmatch Wrestling 5: Double Death Tag Team Tournament History was made when the IWA Mid South held the first ever in the U.S. tag team death match tournament. In order to win the match, participants had to eliminate both members of the opposing team. All the death match stars are here on this one and with tag matches its twice as crazy as your normal death match tournaments. You’ll see lots of craziness as you would expect on this show including someone being set on fire which is one of the craziest things ever caught on tape!

Best of Deathmatch Wrestling 6: West Coast Warfare The Best of Deathmatch Wrestling series heads out to Southern California to take in the warm sun, sights, and VIOLENCE! It was supposed to be 8 of the West Coast’s best battling eachother for the title “King of the Deathmatch” but when deathmatch legend, and East Coast king, Ian Rotten heard about the tournament, he DEMANDED to be part of it. WITNESS A 10,000 THUMBTACK DEATHMATCH! GASPAT A BEDS & BATS OF BARBED WIRE DEATHMATCH! SCREAM WHEN YOU WITNESS THE SHOPPING CART OF DEATH MATCH!

Best of Deathmatch Wrestling Box Set

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