The Last Days of the Civil War (History Channel)

Five programs on the Civil War’s final days are collected in this two-disc set. Includes “April 1865: The Month That Saved America” (2003), based on the book by Jay Winik; “Civil War Combat: The Tragedy at Cold Harbor” (1993), focusing on the brutal 10-month battle; “Biography: Abraham Lincoln,” a fascinating portrait of the stoic 16th […]

History Classics: Lincoln and the Civil War

Product Description This collection provides a rich portrait of one of the most beloved U.S. Presidents and significant events that surrounded him. Utilizing interviews with leading Lincoln biographers, Lincoln explores the inner conflicts that plagued and inspired the man who called himself “the loneliest man in the world.” In a ploy that was ultimately foiled […]

The History Channel Presents The Civil War

From Harper’s Ferry, Fort Sumter, and First Bull Run to Shiloh, Antietam, and Gettysburg, THE HISTORY CHANNEL PRESENTS: THE CIVIL WAR captures the most legendary Civil War battles in brilliant detail. A sweeping selection of the soldiers and legendary leaders who fought these battles, including Sherman, McClellan, Grant, Beauregard, Lee, Davis, and Jackson, are also […]